Welcome to Channel Islands Opto-Mechanical Engineering, Inc. (CIOME)

We are a one-stop Machine shop located in the City of Ventura. We specialize in engineering several different products including: Gaussian Mirrors, Precision Metal Machining, Optical Shaping and Polishing, Metal Assemblies, and we are available to Engineer and Produce products to the individual needs that our clients have.
We provide engineering support for businesses, individuals, and organizations/institutions throughout Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles County, and any other location throughout the United States. We design and build products that are tailor made to the needs of our clients.

We believe in our ability to produce quality machine products for our clients. We at CIOME are a highly trained staff, and we have been in business for over 30 years. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over all of these years in business it’s this, we know what a quality product looks like. We believe that all of our work has value to it because we adhere to the highest standards possible when we produce any product for a client. Additionally, every client or prospective client that contacts us is treated like our most important client, and because of this practice, we spend time learning and understanding the needs that each client/prospective client has. No two clients are the same, and we want you to know that your opinion will be heard, and that we will design and produce a product that best fits your needs.

Call us today and see what kind of engineering masterpiece we can create for you.