Gaussian Mirrors:

Gaussian Mirror BlackWe at CIOME are not only one of the most proficient producers of Gaussian Mirrors in the country; we are also one of the most affordable and reliable ones as well. Gaussian Mirrors, also known as VRMs (Radially Variable Reflective Mirrors) have several practical functions and applications. In essence, a Gaussian Mirror produces a high quality laser beam that is extremely precise. Gaussian Mirrors work off of a mathematical equation that allows individuals to better understand the characteristics of a bell curve. We at CIOME produce Gaussian Mirrors at a very high proficiency level. We have the ability to produce Gaussian Mirrors in large quantities, with excellent reliability, and they will be delivered in a timely fashion.

We’ve been making Gaussian Mirrors for nearly twenty years!

Machine Shop:

Custom Manufactured PartsCIOME is a full functioning machine shop. Our specialty is in optical and mechanical components. Essentially, all of our services can be summed up in three primary categories.

  • Military/Aerospace Contractors: We create and produce specific machined parts in accordance with AS9003 Certification and MIL-I-45208 Certification.
  • Businesses: We create and produce equipment that businesses use on a daily basis. This equipment can be anything from highly technical pieces, to machines that provide essential functions at a place of manufacturing.
  • Private Individuals: Private individuals have different needs, and we are happy to service those needs. Whether those needs be something related to a simple like or hobby, to things that are a little bit more complex.

Optical Shaping and Polishing:

We service the needs of the laser industry with Quartz, and BK7 optical components for Nd: YAG Pulse Laser Systems. In addition, we can shape and/or polish products to our clients’ drawings and plans. We are also able to provide our clients with anti-reflective coatings from IR to visible coatings.

CIOME has the capability to design, and has the necessary facility in order to fabricate optical and opto-mechanical components and systems. Our facility and our capability have given us the opportunity to produce a variety of parts, over a broad spectrum of sizes and sophistications.

For example:

NICKEL PLATED ALUMINUM MIRROR – 36 inches across the corners of a hexagon, a shallow spherical shape accurate within 15 seconds of an arc.

APPLICATION: Space simulator, government of India (Metal work & Optical finishing done at our facility).

FUSED SILICA LENS – 34.5 inches in diameter, Plano-Convex, Weight 250 pounds. APPLICATION: Space Simulator.

FUSED SILICA LENS – 3mm Diameter, Plano-Concave, Weight 13 milligrams. APPLICATION: Laser Beam Expander.

OPTICAL INSTRUMENT – This instrument captures UV from a 1 KW Hg arc lamp by utilizing an Off-Axis Ellipse, and a Stainless Steel Diagonal & an On-Axis Parabola to project a 3 inch aperture bundle of intensity and angular divergence equal to the SUN.

APPLICATION: Spacecraft Ground Test Equipment (Design & fabrication, both metal & optics done at our facility).

PYRAMIDAL FUSED SILICA MIRROR – 2 inches square, with faces slightly concave. APPLICATION: Hubble Space Telescope – Wide-Field/Planetary Camera (along with an MgF2 Window, Filters and CCD Windows, produced at the CIOME facility).

FLAT ALUMINUM SUBSTRATES – 4 X 6 inch, lapped flat to 0.0002 inches.  APPLICATION: Laser Rangefinder System/Replicated Mirrors.


We are an engineering/machine shop. What this means is that we create, and design different engineering tasks/plans. We create our products to the client specifications using solid works. We also have the ability to 3D print (up to 5″ cube) on premises using a Stratasys Printer. Now, not all of our clients understand specific design patterns, and that’s fine with us. We believe in helping our clients in every way possible, and what this statement means to us is that we are here for our clients from the point of when the plans are being drawn up, to the point of completion for the job.