Mark Pennington

About Mark Pennington


Mark Pennington started machining for D. W. Adair Co. in Torrance Ca. in 1978 right out of High school. Within several years he was managing 8 people in the CNC milling department while doing all the programing quoting and setup. For 2 of his 10 years he was also in charge of quality control for the company. After 10 years with this company he moved to Ventura County in 1988, where he started working for CIOME as there only machinist at the time. In 2001 he purchased 25% of CIOME and continued running the machine shop, he then took over managing the Optics department at the same time. During that time he also took over all of the bidding for the entire client base for the machine shop and optical department which he continues to do at present date. In 2011 he became 75% owner and President of CIOME.
Mark has been working in the machining industry for over 37 years, starting at the bottom and working his way to the top. CIOME currently has 9 employees which Mark enjoys working with side by side on a daily basis.